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Where it
all started.

Felix Europe started with a dream. A vision of a better future for our children. And that includes two major key elements: sustainability and happiness

And what better way to provide happiness than with the cutest plush toy friends made of sustainable materials? 

We want all children to enjoy their youth and their future. That is why we created the Cute plush toys, meant to grow alongside your little one. 

We put their safety first and choose the highest quality materials that will withstand the hands of time. And of all the fun play moments with your little one. 

That is why our Cute plush toys will be there for all the happy moments, the darker nights, the long car rides, the garden adventures, … for all the memories, and they will do so looking as good as ever. 

“Childhood friends to grow alongside your little one!”


Felix Europe was founded by Tom. He had the ambition of offering plush toys of high quality, beautiful design and offer them to the world with an impeccable service!


Felix started as a very small company in Weihai, China. With the dream of becoming big one day, Tom established his very own factory and trained his own workers.


Later on, Tom set up the international management standard system of the company. He also put together a good design team to help give form to the soft toys. Together they grew as a company and gained more and more important customers overseas. 


It didn’t take long before the Felix Europe plush toys found their way to Belgium and soon after that, the entirety of Europe followed.


The company’s headquarters moved to Belgium, close to the Belgian airport of Zaventem.


Because we believe in a better future for our little ones, Felix Europe decided to invest in eco-friendly toys. We started researching the making and producing of organic materials and after a few years, we had gathered enough knowledge to start the very first production of our very own organic toys! A difficult trajectory, but certainly well worth it. We now offer 100% organic toys that have all the official certificates from the Control Union. Safe, sustainable and green. All for our future generations!

2022 …

We want to take our organic story global and have launched our website and very first webshop! In the future we want to focus even more on ecological, green toys with zero plastic and organic packaging, such as biodegradable bags. Making our entire brand zero plastic, zero waste, safe, green and sustainable.

Happy child,
happy planet

With Cute by Felix, we have created a solution for happy kids and a happy planet. Our plush toys are 100% sustainably produced. Made of organic cotton, grown and harvested by our certified partner farmers. 

That means our plush toys come with a family tree. A whole bunch of paper work that ensures you that the plush is made 100 % sustainably.

  • They have the GOTS approval, which means they meet all the requirements for organic textiles. 
  • The OCS certificate, meaning they contain 95 to 100% organic material.
  • And last but certainly not least, the Cute plush toys meet the EN71(1,2,3) standards, assuring a high standard of safety for your little one
Frank the Frog

We care

We care for your little one, for their happiness and for their future. That is why our plush toys are made 100% sustainably of qualitative organic materials with the highest safety standard. 

We protect

Our Cute plush toys are friends for life. There to care, to love, to have and to hold, but also to protect. From monsters of the scary, dark night, and from hurt during the day.

We create

With our plush toys, we help you create happy moments with your little ones that will last a lifetime. The special design, the durable materials and the love we pour into them all contribute to the creation of the ideal family friends.

We connect

Family is the most important thing in the whole wide world. Our Cute plush toys are made to fit right into your family. 

Made with love and care, from our families to yours.

We explore

We explore all the far corners of the world. We take your little one on a fantastical and educational adventure all over the world, right there in the comfort of their own home.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams are made of Cute plush toys. Your little one will sleep safe and sound in the company of their new furry friends. And so will you! 

The soft fabric of our plush toys is carefully selected for its natural properties. The organic cotton is hypoallergenic, and therefore better for your little ones’ skin and health.

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